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Future Jeep Commerce centre in Krnjaca

Service and distribution Center in Krnjača


Jeep Commerce is operative within the following areas:

  • Steel welded pipe production
  • Steel and aluminum products distribution and wholesale
  • Steel sheets and profiles processing
  • Aluminum wholesale and retail sale
  • Warehousing
  • Road transport
  • Cargo reloading
  • Production of metal constructions in engineering industry
  • Production of aluminum constructions

The following organizational sections are operative within the Company:

  • Distribution and service center – Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
  • Distribution and service center – Krnjaca
  • Electro-welded steel pipe factory – Zemun
  • Retail shop – Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
  • Retail shops – Karadjordjeva Street, Dunavska Street, Batajnicki drum Street

Very important moving force for the Company are its employees. Jeep Commerce uses a contemporary and efficient approach to human resources management in the areas of man-power mobilization and engaging, different position planning, as well as constant investing into training and improvement of the employees. The Company employs more than 350 employees. Out of that number 35 are highly skilled workers in the fields of engineering, economics and law, as well as 35 skilled workers. 50% of the employees are qualified and specialized workers engaged in production activities.

On September 15, 2006. Jeep Commerce was awarded with the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 issued by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH, which represents the certificate of the quality system which has been implemented in Jeep Commerce.

In February of 2009 we have obtained the CE sign for welded steel pipes from our production.

Historical background


Foundation of Jeep Commerce, Company for production, export, import and engineering.


Moving of the Company to the premises in Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
The first expanding of warehouse and office space


Expanding of covered and warehousing area (more than 1000m2)
Reconstruction of the existing facilities and the construction of new infrastructure at the site
Initiation of a cutting machine for sheets up to 3mm
Purchase of the first truck
Total turnover for year 2000 was 179 mil. RSD


New expanding of the Company, now for a few thousand square meters of covered and warehouse space in Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
Warehouse area expanding in Dunavska Street
Installing of the first pressing machine for sheets bending (pressure 80t)
Total turnover for year 2001 was 284 mil. RSD


Opening of the first retail shop in Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
Purchase of the first truck, carrying capacity 25t
Total turnover for year 2002 was 557 mil. RSD


Opening of new warehouse area (with over 25,000m2 and over 3,000m2 of covered space) with a completely reconstructed office building in Viline vode (Port of Belgrade)
Initiation of the first flatting machine (for material up to 6mm) in Viline vode
UTotal turnover for year 2003 was 944 mil. RSD


Expanding of warehouse and production area in Viline vode (over 40,000m2)
Opening of retail shop Hobby and Work in 63 Karadjordjeva Street, Belgrade
Initiation of cutting machine for sheets cutting (up to 13mm and length 6,000mm)
Initiation of pressing machine for sheets bending (pressure up to 400t and length 6,000mm)
Initiation of CNC plasma cutting machine for sheets cutting
Initiation of the first slitting line (up to 2mm)
Total turnover for year 2004 was 2.6 bil. RSD


Opening of Electro-welded steel pipe factory Jeep Commerce (capacity of 40,000t of pipes per year, 5,000m2 of covered space for production and warehousing)
Total turnover for year 2005 was 4.1 bil. RSD, and total quantity of sold products was 79.950 tons


Opening of the office building in Pipe factory – 1,000m2 office space
Initiation of flatting and cross-cutting line (for material up to 12mm)
Initiation of the first line for production of trapezoid sheets for roofing (TR 35/180)
Opening of the retail shop within Pipe factory – 23, Batajnicki drum
Total turnover for year 2006 was 5.8 bil. RSD, and total quantity of sold products was 103.170 tons


Initiation of mesh production line, Viline vode
Expanding of a motor pool of the Company (20 trucks – 12 trucks of carrying capacity over 20t and 8 truck of carrying capacity of 10t)
The beginning of construction works on Service and Distribution center in Krnjaca, Belgrade (7,000m2 of covered space)
Expanding of the processing capacities (15 cutting and pressing machines for sheets, initiation of the third slitting line, initiation of the forth flatting line and initiation of the third line for trapezoid roofing sheets production...)
Total turnover for year 2007 was 6.9 bil. RSD, and total quantity of sold products was 122.930 tons


Initiation of the line for metal barrel production
Initiation of hydro test line
Opening of the Service and Distribution center in Krnjaca, Belgrade
Initiation of CNC laser cutting machine
Total turnover for year 2008 was 8.8 bil. RSD, and total quantity of sold products was 132.439 tons


CE sign for welded steel pipes
Initiation of the line for open profile production
Initiation of the third line for welded steel pipes production and production of pipes for door and window frames


Initiation of shot blasting machine

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